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    i didn’t see no blood moon


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I don’t tend to reblog too much (I’m old and don’t get you kids and yer damg nab tumblrs and google plusers) but I like Ira Glass and this is some GOOD ADVICE.




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Keep on fighting the good fight!

I’ve blogged this before but I think it’s something that bears remembering in the face of crushingly good art. At times you’ll think your stuff is rubbish. Possibly, it is rubbish. But it’ll never not be rubbish if all you do is sit around and complain about it.
So keep at it guys, love y’all.

Ira Glass speaks the truth.

been feeling so shitty about art lately (lol what else is new) but this little golden chunk of advice is so invaluable and correct. Love it. Take it to heart

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